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Yeah, we went crazy. My name is Joseph and I’m a part of Grafiksbox team. I created this super limited offer of 20 premade cover arts for just $17 - usually, the cost of each one is $30 -. If you want to dive into musical industry with some exclusive stuff, click down below and claim your pack NOW. 


What will You receive?

  • This pack contains 20 Covers in Jpg and PSD format so you can edit it to your liking.
  • The Covers are fully compatible with all streaming platforms.
  • You will receive a commercial use license.

The price is too low, why?

We have been working as graphic designers and music producers since 2013 and designing covers for artists since 2014, from there we have worked with more than 3000 clients. And We've always seen the same problem.

Many artists do not see the importance of investing in their career.

Our ticket for a professional Art Direction service in cover arts has been over $ 150 (A low cost in my opinion)
And most artists told us it was too much, that's why we created this pack, so that any artist starts investing in his musical career with professional cover arts without having to start spending a lot of money.

But... Who We Are?

Hi there! We’re Grafiksbox, a team of graphic designers and music producers that started working together after a few years making their own careers alone. Our proposal is to make the max cover art quantity for independent artists without the high cost it usually mean for them.

The price of a professional cover art in musical industry is over $150 normally. Since Grafiksbox got launched, artists like you are getting their cover arts for less than a 15% of the usual cost. The best of this is the fact that we are keeping the highest quality standards.

Of course, that’s not all. We want to a step further, this is why we created a super exclusive offer that any graphic designer made before. 20 cover arts for just $17 is some crazy shit, and maybe it’s not worth for us, but it’s a way to express our gratitude to all those artists like you who have been supporting us since the start.

If you want to see some useful stuff for your musical career and also know a bit more about us and our team, you can follow us on our Instagram account

Grafiksbox Office 2020


What people say about us...

How can I edit my cover?

There are two ways. If you scroll down a bit you will be able to choose between download the cover arts directly and edit them by yourself -files are ready to get them edited really ez-
You can also choose “edit service” and one of our designers will be editing your cover arts as fast as possible. We have one of the best turnaround averages in the world of graphic designers, so it is a nice option in case you don’t know how do .psd files work.

He is Alex, Colombian, 25 years old, single...  and will edit your cover arts.

   Alex in his habitat.

Our designers have worked with...

Soulja Boy

Asian Da Doll

Ace Hood


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